How to Build a Successful Online Store

Ecommerce FormulaAt our busy web design company we’ve created a lot of online stores, many of which have grown into successful online businesses. In the process we’ve zeroed in on the ecommerce building blocks and promotional methods that we feel work the best (and that we use with all of our new ecommerce clients). To document all this for ourselves & our clients, and to offer it as a free online resource for others, we’ve created what we call the Ecommerce Formula… If you want to get started creating an online store, just look over to the right and begin with the BUILD column. Each numbered link is one step in the store-building process, and is explained in detail by web professionals, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. If you already have an ecommerce website and are looking for ways to drive more traffic, better promote your store, and make more sales, then start with the PROMOTE column. For futher detail about onrecycle .

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Why Build an Online Store?

If you’re in business or want to be in business, the ability to reach the ocean of potential customers on the web and to largely automate the selling process makes it almost crazy not to consider building an online store. But starting out in ecommmerce can be intimidating, confusing, overwhelming… likewise if you already have an online store but are looking for ways to really make it work. At Ecommerce Formula we’ve taken the complex process of creating and promoting an online store and broken it down into clear, manageable steps. We explain each topic as if you’re starting from scratch without a lot of web skills, but we don’t hesitate to delve into advanced methods if we feel they’ll be of real benefit to you.

What’s it Going to Cost?

The professionally-authored, step-by-step ecommerce tutorials and other resources found on this site are all free. If you want to build an online store there are some basic services (offered through other companies) that you will definitely need — a domain name (“”), an ecommerce platform/online store builder, a way to process credit cards… and there are other services or products you’ll find you probably want at some point down the line. In each case we tell you what we ourselves use and recommend to our clients. We’re always focused on the best service at the best price (or free if possible). When we give specific examples on how to perform a step in the Formula, we always explain in terms of our recommended services and softwares (the ones we’re actually using in the studio as we build our clients’ sites). You can use any ecommerce platform and find the Formula enormously helpful, but if you’re not in synch with what we’re using you’ll have to do a bit more figuring out on your own.

How Do I Start?

If you know you’d like to create an online store you can a) hire a web design firm to build it for you (which will likely cost thousands), b) build an ecommerce site from scratch yourself (highly discouraged unless you live to write code), or c) use an all-inclusive Online Store Builder, which is designed to vastly simplify the process of building an ecommerce website. The purpose of Ecommerce Formula is to assist people who would like to create an Online Store themselves (using an Online Store Builder) and/or people who would like to promote their Online Store successfully.

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